Installing MovableType on Panther has just published a tutorial which could be of use to those of you (like me) who tried and failed to install MT on your Mac previously. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks promising.

It's an option to consider if you like TypePad, but want even more customizability and power than using MT tags and advanced templates on your TypePad.

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TypePad Treats

Still haven't signed up for TypePad? Well, if you're considering it, how about getting 20% off (lifetime!)? I have 18 discounts still left to give so email me. First come, first served!

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First Moblogging Experience

So while I was in Japan, I tried out moblogging for one post, to see what it was like. I used one of those cool Japanese cellphones, too. It could send email, but not take pictures, though. The difficult thing about using a cellphone for moblogging is using the numeric keypad to type. It's feasible and not difficult, just tedious and time-consuming. It took me forever to type three sentences. I'm sure I could become faster over time, but nowhere near as fast as regular typing. You have to be brief. I could see myself using moblogging with a camera phone, and entering text only as captions for pictures, or for random pithy comments. That's what I think cellphone moblogs are best suited doing. In fact, that's what I plan to do, when I eventually get a cellphone (maybe in a few months, but I'm in no hurry). For longer moblog posts, a PDA like the Palm Tungsten C would seem to be a better option.

For TypePad users who are new to moblogging, and want to know how to set it up, here's how:
1. In TypePad, go to the Control Panel, then click on the Profile tab, then click on Mobile Settings.
2. Follow the instructions for each step on the page. They are pretty self-explanatory.

For step 3 of the Mobile Settings, I chose to use the secret email address. You'll receive a jumbled email address to send your posts to. After I sent the post, I later received a confirmation email back to the phone saying that my post was successful.

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Back from Japan

So I made it back, got my passport stamped, and had a lot of fun in Japan. Some photos are already online, too. Check them out if you like. I didn't get to do much blogging there, but I did take tons of photos and gather plenty of material to write about, which you can check out on California Roll, my Japan-focused TypePad.

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Now See Japan

Today I'll be leaving for Japan for about two and a half weeks. It'll be my first time to get my passport stamped. Finally! I hope the customs inspection isn't a big hassle (with all of the contraband I'm smuggling, you know how it is). I can't wait to send a post from Japan. While I'm there, I'll most likely be using my girlfriend's family's computer. I hope I don't get bad jet lag. The furthest I've flown is coast to coast in the States.

Well, next time you see an update on any of my sites, it'll be from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Oh yeah! I plan to create a separate blog called "Kansai Chronicles" and you'll see it on the "Recently Updated" lists on the right-hand sidebar.

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