More NHK Book & Audio Info

About a month ago I received the free book that NHK promised to send me. It's actually more of a booklet than a book, actually. It is free, though, and what you get is a hard copy of the dialogues for the Brush Up Your Japanese series of fifty-two audio lessons.

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MDN: Shiga-ken Travel

Mainichi Daily Interactive has a couple of articles about traveling in Shiga, specifically, the area around Omi-hachiman. One article is about Okishima, a small island in Lake Biwa near Omihachiman, and the other article is about the Omi merchant area and Azuchi Castle area. I actually didn't get to see the old merchant area when I was there. Next time! As I write more about my travels in Shiga you can expect to see more information about what this prefecture is like.

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Postal Savings Accounts

ban2002.gifThis is sort of a follow-up to my previous post about ATMs in Japan. In that post, I explained the international capabilities of Japan Post ATMs. While this is certainly a boon to travelers, using the post office to do your banking is also convenient for foreign residents of Japan. Even if you already have a bank account at a Japanese bank, getting a postal account is advantageous, too. Why? How about approximately 24,000 locations? Think about it. Every town and city has at least one post office, but not even the biggest banks have branches everywhere.

For more information, check out the Japan Postal Savings Home Page in English. You can find out about the different account types (most people probably sign up for the Ordinary Savings), what paperwork is needed to get an account, and hours for ATMs, etc. Maybe other countries have a postal banking system like this too, so maybe it's not a big surprise, but for me, it's definitely a welcome addition to a post office system's capabilities. I wonder if America would ever do the same.

In case you're wondering, the characters above are the mascots for the postal savings system, Yucho. I don't know if they're tanuki or squirrels.

If anyone has helpful information on using the post office for banking, please add it in the comments!

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