> Japan September 2003

(Click the thumbnails to see the larger picture and a caption.) I spent over two weeks in Japan during September, staying in Azuchi, a small former castle town in Shiga prefecture. I visited places around Shiga as well as Kyoto, Osaka, and a little bit of Mie, as well as Tokyo Disney resort, which is in Chiba. More details from my trip are posted in Kansai Chronicles, which is a section of my Japan-focused site, California Roll. Both this photo album and Kansai Chronicles are a work in progress. I still have lots of photos and writings to share, so please check back! Other Japan photo albums: Azuchi Castle Ruins, Tagataisha Shrine, and Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2003.

Across Nishino-ko to Enno-shima
Aloe Yogurt
Ayahadio Truck
Bikes and Vending Machines
Bikes at Azuchi Station
Country Road
End of Nishino-ko
Entering Azuchi on Cycling Road
Field of Green
Field of Greens
First Meal
Flowers for Sale
Flowers for Sale
Gas Station
JR Between Mountains and Fields
Lake East Log House
Lake East Log House 2
Musems and Mountains
Nishino-ko and Enno-shima from Azuchi-joushi
Oda Nobunaga Statue
Omihachiman Sky
Omihachiman Station
Preschool Kids
Retail and Agriculture Co-existing
Rice Cooker
Tagataisha Shrine
Thatched-roof House
Waiting at Narita
Zooming by Rice Fields